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About Ourselvs

Our Story

Story of Ourselvs started on a busy Christmas week when all our team was running out of ideas to give a great present to their beloved family members.

It's always a challenge to find a special gift, if the gift is for a special someone. Nobody wanted to settle with a colorful pair of socks this time. We were passionate artists making our livings by creating artworks that made people go "wow!", so while discussing the best christmas present we thought why not invest our skills into making our beloved ones go "wow!" this time.

Art that is personal, about us and last forever

We loved the idea of "making it personal, about ourselves and last forever" as well as our beloved ones.

At the end of the Christmas week we were sure this idea was great and everybody should have access to such a great gift. It was time to move our idea to next stage and make it available to everyone for an affordable price.

Located in Porto, delivering from US, Australia and Spain

We are a team of artists, designers and dreamers dedicated to making impressive personal art available to everyone.

Our small art studio is located in the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal and printing partners are based in United States, Spain and Australia which enables us to deliver orders all around the world with convenience and speed.